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Skype Log: Daughter of Evil Empty Skype Log: Daughter of Evil

Post  iSpottedleaf(Admin) on Sat Jan 19, 2013 11:37 pm

Another log I'm keeping of my roleplays through skype. This one is between me and Negi(again xD).

My feet swept across the emerald green carpet that led to royals' dorm. I was struggling to hold the silver pallette in my hand while strapping a linen in my hair. It matches the floofy dark green dress I had on; multiple layers of smooth silk lined the inside of my clothing that were all themed forest green shades. Multiple yellow bows wrapped around me to make me look even skinner than I really was, continuing the careful stitching that ran down to my ankles. Everything I was dressed in was skin-tight, incuding the green collar at the tip of the dress. It reached my cheeks! I shook my head and focused on the task at hand: getting to the banquet in time to be able to serve our green lady and her guests. It was an honor to be her maid, but it wore me out. I worked all day, serving food, cleaning rooms, and taking care of outsider cares. What I do on my own time is exploring the little land outside of our small town. I always noticed a tall yellow castle over the tips of the forest. I was told never to stray there, but I never knew the harm of venturing on to the other kingdom. They always let me run the the Blue Palace to deliver greetings from our ruler. Even the faraway Red valley! It was full of kights and guards, and pretty people! I sighed and made my way into to the dorm, setting in her clean wine glasses and picking up loose articles. Dumping them down the shoot, I traveled down to the west wing, pushing open the door to the banquet hall with a bright smile. It looked like vine stew threw up all over the room. The walls were lines with soft neon green capers, strings of green few down to the floor, where the nice reguar shaded carpet touched the cracks of the stoned walls. So many people filled the room! I had to get to work fast, I thought. My voice trilled with happiness as another day of work began for me, the thought of taking a trip to the other village sticking in my open mind the time I took in there. I kept near a wall-sized glass window, waiting for others to pick glasses from my tray. My hair covered down to my feet, keeping my safe from the sun's rays and leaving a green tint to the room. I knew what I would do after this breakfast dine was over.
Inside the yellow castle, staring out the window, I sighed. A neutral party, though I'd had no choice. Forcibly drafted into this... this horror, I couldn't bring myself to stand out against her. The princess was a very, very terrifying person. I couldn't argue against her. Though I didn't particularly like her, I could read her face sometimes, and I'd notice the hatred flare in her eyes. It terrified me, but I couldn't let her see that.
"Cyan." I turned around, the servant to the princess at my door, his face stained with something akin to worry. "I... believe we need to talk." I tilted my head for him to go on, "The princess ordered an attack on the Green nation."

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