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This has a lot of scenes from Fate/Stay Night. I am roleplaying with my friend, Negitave, through Skype, and I need to keep a log of our RP. I'll probably keep this in one long post, but if anyone still comes on here, I invite you to read it. Copyright reserved to the manga, anime, and dubs. I am re-writing the episode in my own way. New characters, servants, and scenes will be used.
Rating: Descriptive, violence, language, encounters- Teen. [14 and up]

Takara stood in the crossroad of the open street, "Gass leaks, robberies and homicides..I guess it's no surprise that the streets are completley empty tonight." she sighed and continued to walk past darkened buildings. What made her stop was the sight of a small girl up in front of her. 'Where the heck did she come from?' Takara thought. The little girl giggled and smiled at her, slowly walking foward and past her. When Takara turned to look at her, the little girl spoke, "You'd better hurry up and summon someone, missy, or you're gonna die." without looking back. Takara opened her mouth and blinked, but before she knew it, the little girl was gone. She stood there, startled, and slowly continued her walk.
Takara passed by her school, looking through the dimly-lit lights and corrodors. She sttod on the ground of the place, lost in thought. "Hey, Takara!" She turned, "What are you still doing here? Must feel good to have so much time on your hands you feel you can just goof off around here."
"I wasn't goofing off, Shinji, I was... helping out Esia by fixing his old T.V."
"Oh, sucking up to the council? Well, we've got a little favor we want you to do for us." Shinji motioned to the archery team behind him, "See, the archery dojo is in srious need of a cleaning right now. I'd do it if I had the time, but I'm just swamped! Would you mind helping a guy out and taking care of that for me?"
"Isn't that a little rude..?" an archer girl asked.
"Takara doesn't care. Do you?" Shinji asked.
" problem at all. I had nothing planned."
"Thn it's settled! Let's go ladies." He turned twords them and led them out of the school grounds. Ignoring their mumbles and replies, Takara spoke to herself out loud, "Well, if I'm gonna do this, I may as well do it right."
After finishing cleaning the dojo, Takara stood up, sweat beeds rolling down her face. "They'll be able to eat off of the floors." she smiled, and walked out. Her ears perked as she heard the sounds of people fighting outside. "What..?" At first she got scared, but she pushed that aside and went to check it out.
Takara stopped in front of a wire-lines gate. A loud CLANG shrouded into a dust cloud in the feild. 'Who the hell are those guys?' Takara stood wide eyed in front of the gate, watching two guys in odd-looking clothes fight with weapons of un-realistic length.
"Heh, just whre the hell are you from?" the guy dressed in blue said as he continued to fight with a long red spear. "I've never heard of an archer weilding a couple of swords before!"
"I knew who you were immediatley, there's no one who can weild a lance like you." the man in red slashed his short, curved swords against the other's long weapon. Takara stood, motionless, as she remembered the police saying something about someone killing another with a long weird blade. She let out a gasp as the blades clashed. "Who's there?" the lancer said, turning twords Takara. She bolted, running into the school. He jumped high over the fence after her.
"This is bad- th school was supossed to be cleared out!" a girl with long, black hair said, standin beside the archer. Takara huffed as sh ran up the flights of stairs. She was running so fast that she couldn't feel her legs. Letting out another huff, and tripped over her own numb feet and slid across the hallway. Takara pushed herself up against the wall, breathing hard. The school was tall, full of floors and long hallways. She slid down and sat on the ground, looking both ways before catching her breath. "W-what the hell was going on back there?"
"You-" the lancer appeared right in front of her face. "You sure made it a long way from back there." Takara gasped and fell back, looking up at the tall and slender man. He drew back his lance, "But, you can't escape fate. And now that you've seen us, you must die." He threw his lance foward into Takara's chest, "You know what the say about a dad man telling no tales." He forced the lance out of the girl's chest, herself falling back with no words. Her eyes were opened wide and blood ran down her shirt. Her mouth gaped open as she fell foward hile trying to get up, "I-I'm never g-going to be able to save a s-single person..not ever.." she clenched her teeth together as pain ran up and down her body, forcing her into a black void.
Rin ran down the hallway and stopped in front of Takara's body, "It's my fault.. it's my fault she's dead.." she whispered. She shook her head, "I told myself there were going to be casualities; I thought I'd be okay with it.." She turned twords her archer, "Archer, I want you to go after Lance. He'll most likely go to where his master is. It is important that we find out what he looks like."
"Understood." With that, Archer faded into thin air. Rin kneeled down beside Takara, looking down at her with sad eyes, "I'm sorry.. the last I can do it sit with you while you die-" she took in a gasped breath, "No.. it's you- you're kidding! Why did it have to.. why you??" Her eyes hung wide as she drew a heart-shaped gem from her pocket. 'I'm sorry father, but Im afraid you have an irresponsible little girl for a daughter.' Rin thought as she held the gem over Takara. It started to glow, "Reproduce and replace all damaged organs, including the heart." she spoke.
'What's going on... what was there.. I made a promise to you dad, I haven't forgotten; I swore that if I ever became a Magi, I'd use it to save someone's life. But- now it looks like..' Takara lost herself in her own thought.
Rin ran away.
Takara groaned lightly and blinked,pushing herself upright. She let out a cry as she placed her hand by her heart, blood seeping over her fingers. "I- I'm alive.."

Takara pushed open the door to her house, looking at a parchment on the floor. She slid down and sat on the carpet, "Who were those two guys..? They didn't seem normal. Spirits maybe? Can't be.. they looked too real and were trying to kill each other.. they nearly killed me too.. wait- he stabbed me through the heart, I had to have died! But- someone was there, someone was there and the brought me back to life!" A sound rubg in Takara's ears as she looked up at the ceiling, "It's him again! He must have followed me!" She took a step back but fell, "Weapon..gotta find a weapon!" She mumbled to herslef as she grabbed a pipe from the floor. 'Well...I guess if I've hit bottom, there's nowhere to got but up! Trace- on!' she thoughts as she imagined veins running through the pipe, 'Structure established, re-enforcement complete.' She stood up, still grasping the pipe in her hand. "Alright! I'm ready this time!"
Lancer landed right behind Takara, leaving her with a gasp of shock. He swung his lance at her, barely missing her. Takara stood up in a defensive pose. "You know- I was being nice to you before by giving you a less painful way to die. But now that you're making me kill the same person twice in one day you've pissed me off!" He raised his long lande behind him, "This time, you're dead for good!" He swung it at the girl, Takara jumping back and it only scratching her arm. She withdrew a breath and put her hand over her wound. "Well this is a surprise, it makes sense. It explains why you're still breathing when I screwered your heart. There's a faint sense of magical power coming from you." Their weapons collided multiple times, leaving the pipe in a bad, dented shape. He sent the lance crashing against Takara's side, sending her flying across into the next room. Takara let out a painful cry as she crashed into a not-so-strong door, and fell to the floor.
Takara pushed herslef up, jumping back and breaking the window to get out and bolt through the back yard. Lancer's blow missed. He floated through the wall, softly landing on the wet grass and chasing after her. Tears streamed down the girl's cheeks as she kept running, but it was no use; Lancer caught up with her quickly, and sent his foot crashing onto Takara's waist. She let out another cry as she hit the door to the building, sliding down onto the stairs. She slowly pushed herself to her knees as Lancer stood in front of her, "Hate to tell you this, but you're through." She gave an evil smirk as he stabbed at her three times, her jumping up the steps to miss them. Takara stood, staring at him as he brough his Lance down onto the door. She fell back into the empty room, sitting on her side. "Give up, kid." Lancer said as he kneeled down beside her. "No!" she screamed and flung her pipe at Lance. As soon as he hit the pipe, it shattered by her feet. Takara stood in front of him in fear, her legs shaking. Lance stood in an attack position, bring the tip of his lance in Takara's face, "Check mate," he said with that same smirk, "This was more fun that I thought it was gonna be, kid. From what you just showed me, it's quite possible you were the seventh."
"The seventh..?" Takara breathed with question. Lance kept his smirk and chuckled coldly, "At this point, you dont need to know."
'No way.. I just got a second chance to live! There's not way he's gonna take me without a fight! If I'm gonna die, it's gonna be for a much better cause than this! I've still got more in me..' She clenched her fist by her side and stood, face-to-face, in front of her enemy.
The surrounding around the two went black, and Takara's fists glowed brightly. A dark form manifested itself in front of the two, in between Takara and her attacker. Golden eyes with light blue sclera glanced back at the girl. "It appears... you've called me..." His eyes narrowed at the male in front of him. Instinct took over him, though he tried to maintain his icy calm as he clenched his fist. Reaching into the sheath latched at his side, he drew the katana he kept. "...And I will not fail you." Lunging forward, he slashed relentlessly at the male, preparing himself for any kind of retallation thrown at him. He wasn't sure who either of them were, but he knew why he was called; to protect her. He felt it, and he would protect her with all he had until the end.
Takara's mouth gaped open as another guy appeared in front of her. She felt fear swell up in her chest at the sight of them fighting; but an even warmer feeling washed over her at the sight of the person protecting her, "C-Called you..?" she looked down at her hand in surprise as three odd-looking tattoos glowed on the tips of her knuckles. Lancer jumped back as she shadow rest over the floor. Clenching his teeth, he blocked every attack with his lance, bringing it back and trying to strike the beserker. "Another Beserker class? Looks like there's no Saber this war." he smirked, and jumpd back out of the small room to the feild for a better battlefeild.
Masaru growled lowly, clutching the katana tighter in his hands. He didn't like to lose; it wasn't something he was used to. He jumped forward, lashing out again, though he figured it would get him no where. He needed a strategy. Or something to distract his opponent in the very least.
Lancer blocked again, charging his lance as it started to glow, "Your noble fantasom, it's a katana, correct?" he smirked and kept his teeth closed, white wisps flowing behind the tip of his lance, "This is just our first encounter, let's give it a rest and call it a draw." Lancer offered.
Masaru paused, but didn't drop his gaurd. Head tilted, he scanned his surroundings, backing up a bit. His eyes rested on the lance, not trusting the stranger for a moment; after all, why would he? "Go away." He demanded blankly, eyes narrowed at the form. Despite the apathy in his voice, he wasn't afraid to lose his mind at any given moment, and he would do such if he had to.
"My only objective tonight was to gather information. I had no intention to tangle with a servant, however.." he jumped into the air, the tip of his lance glowing and striking at Masaru, "Gayroughe!" He cried and swung his red-glowing lance at Masaru's heart. Takara ran out and stood, staring.
Masaru had his shirt slashed open, cutting into his chest. He jumped to the side, easily rebounding and coming behind Lancer. He growled lowly, "Now you've done it..." The blue ring circling his pupil began fading. Without waiting another second, he lunged forward, grabbing the male by his throat and shoving his katana through his back.
"Ireland's famous Son of Light..?" Takara breathed as she saw Lancer's attack. "I hate that.. every time I use that move I risk exposing myself.." he smirked as he hit Masaru. "Ah!" Takara cried as she saw him land a blow. Lancer's eyes widened as he was struck, yet he left a soft smirk on his lips. "I know according to the rules, I have to fight to the death if someone figures out my identity. My master is a coward, though, and I have no intention of dying either. I was given explicit orders to go back if my attacks failed.." He removed himself from his foe's weapon, shaking his head and starting to walk away, "You can follow, but if you come, you best come prepared to die!" Lance took a giant leap over the trees and vanished, leaving a thin path of blue behind him. "Hey!" Takara called as she ran over to him. 'He's gone..' she thought, "Just who the heck are you?" the breathed with question.
Masaru held the slashed wound, annoyed with himself, "My name is Masaru..." He watched the area were Lance disappeared off to, but looked over Takara, "...are you okay?" He sheathed his katana, and the blue ring appeared around his pupils once more.
Takara studdered, "I'm Takara, and yes, I'm fine.. but who exactly are you? And what th heck is going on? Why was that guy trying to kill you, and why were you trying to kill them-" she stopped talking as a noise was heard, coming from the way Lancer went.
Masaru's ears perked, and he snarled, "We should go somewhere else." He stood up straight, doing his absolute best to make himself seem more threatening.

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